Chesterton Gardens

Chesterton Gardens is one of the two key components of our school’s the agrarian vision. It is the “school side” of the vision. The purpose is both to have areas on our campus where students cultivate a love for growing things and have a place for hands-on learning. The Gardens will include a greenhouse, a garden , a small orchard, an apiary, and more activities and areas as we develop.

Academically, students will be introduced to the sciences, philosophy, and applied sciences necessary for agriculture. These enriching lessons and activities help nourish the agrarian virtues for the rest of life, whether students become engineers, teachers, farmers, or priests. A sampling of how we see the Gardens working includes: students practicing basic horticulture by raising seedlings in the greenhouse, planting flower and vegetable gardens, and growing an orchard. The hands-on activities will nicely complement lessons in biology, chemistry, economics, and more.